Due to unforeseen circumstances we will be cancelling OuteRimCon 2019.  We are reorganizing and hope to comeback strong in 2020.

Stay tuned for updates for OuteRimCon 2020

If you prepaid for OuteRimCon refunds will be sent back within 30 days.  

Contact me at if you have any questions regarding your refund.

Thank you all for your support 

Arlene Busby, OuteRimCon Chair, ALF President


LASFS The Panel Continues with ALF Pres. Arlene Busby

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Featured Weekend Guest Speaker


Francis French

Francis French is a book and magazine author from Manchester, England, specializing in space flight history. He is a former director of events for Sally Ride Science, and a director at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

Apollo 11

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Apollo 13

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Launch of Mercury-Redstone 3 (Freedom 7)

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Launch of Gemini VI-A - Space Launch

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X-15 The Ultimate Flying Machine

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Friends of the Convention

Cannot attend the convention but you still want to support our efforts with a donation.  You can by becoming a friend of the convention 

Special Friend – $100.00 

Friend - $50.00 

Unless you want to be anonymous, we will post your name on our website with a thank you for your help.   

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